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Computer Repair


Technical support for computers: We provide computer support online. The technical support services that we provide include a full 360-degree hardware and software lifecycle management, network management including wireless and LAN management, storage space and performance optimization, and system performance optimization.

Virus removal and antivirus support: We protect your computer from even the latest of viruses, and provide clean-up services if your computer is already infected with any known virus.


Computer repair: We help you repair your computer as required. This includes recovering lost storage space, maintaining application software, fixing device driver issues (for example, display or DVD drive not working), have your system registry functioning etc.


Support for Microsoft stack software, including the latest  Windows  installations: We provide complete technical support for Microsoft stack software. This includes installation and maintenance of Windows 8 as well as the earlier versions of Windows, and other software by Microsoft like MS Office, Visual Studio, system tools etc.


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