Avoid the Microsoft phone scam

Beware of scammers posing as microsoft techicians


CJ Network Systems enables Clients to use IT effectively and efficiently to meet their business goals, and at home.  This is one of a series of bulletins we provide as a courtesy to our clients and the community we live in.  Contact help@cjnetworksystems.com with your IT, website, and e-commerce needs. 


“This is an important call from Microsoft.  We need to fix your computer urgently.  Otherwise, you will lose all your data and information.  We need access to your computer immediately.” 


Sound fishy?  That’s because it is.  This con game has been around for years, but there has been an uptick in activity recently.  Why? Because people still fall for it.  The caller will be polite, but stern.  The caller will be confident.  The caller will assure you that s/he is calling from Microsoft – or a “Microsoft partner” or “about Microsoft.”  And the caller will emphasize that it is very urgent that you cooperate right away, or else you’ll lose everything.  The irony here is that if you do cooperate, you could lose everything! 



CJNS helps clients avoid this scam.  We even help pick up the pieces if “somebody in your household” (it wouldn’t be you, right?) has fallen for this.  A few of the things we do are listed below.

  • Use your Speed dial.  When our clients get a suspicious call, put them on hold and call us immediately.  We’ll help you assess the validity of the situation. 
  • Backup backup backup.  We say this three times, because many of the common applications for back-up don’t back up everything. 
  • Patch it up.  We’re not talking about your favorite jeans, we’re talking about your systems – all of them.  That means you too, iPad!  You too, router! 


Contact Us to help secure and optimize your systems, so you can continue growing your business, living your life – and uploading those awesome photos.